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FPC FPC flat cable outlet overview of prenatal treatment and application

Prenatal treatment
In the production process, in order to prevent a short-circuit caused by excessive yield is too low or reduce drilling, rolling, cutting and other problems caused by the process of the FPC board scrap, feeding problems, and assess how selection can only reach customers flexible circuit boards for best results. Prenatal pretreatment is particularly important.
Prenatal pretreatment, there are three aspects need to be addressed, these three aspects are done by engineers. The first is the FPC board engineering assessment, mainly to assess whether the customer can produce FPC board, whether the company's production capacity to meet customer requirements and unit cost system board; if engineering assessment by the next immediate preparation is required to meet various production processes the supply of raw materials, and finally, engineer: customer CAD diagram, gerber line data processing and other engineering documents to fit the production environment and production specifications of production equipment, and production drawings and MI (engineering processes card) and other information delegated to various departments of the production and document control, purchasing, etc., into the conventional production processes.
Mobile telephone
Focus on the weight of the thin thickness of the flexible circuit board light can effectively save the product volume, easily connect the battery, microphone, integrally formed with the keys.
Computer and the LCD screen
One using a flexible wiring board configuration, and the thin thickness, the screen is converted into a digital signal, through the liquid crystal screen rendering.
CD Walkman
Focuses on three-dimensional characteristics of the flexible circuit board assembly with a thin thickness, the huge CD into portable companion.
Whether your hard drive or floppy disk, are very dependent on high softness and ultra-thin thickness of 0.1mm FPC, completing fast read data. Whether PC or NOTEBOOK.
New Uses
Components of a hard disk drive (HDD, hard disk drive) suspension circuit (Su Indian ensi.n cireuit) and xe packaging board, etc.
Wireless charging coil array, the electromagnetic focus on a certain area to reduce the space consumption of transmission, to improve energy conversion efficiency.
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