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Dongguan mother Pai Pai Pai Pai wholesale mother told you need to be cautious design

Pai Pai mother is small, but plays a role in connecting the world. Many electronic machine equipment, are Pai Pai mother played the role of a bridge between. So, a little Pai Pai mother design, does not allow any slack, you need to take into account all aspects of the factors. Here are some small series provides design reference, for everyone to share.
High retention force of surface mount design: For FPC connector products, generally considered poor holding power board. Is PCB surface mount terminations force necessary to maintain a low ratio through-hole termination right answer is:? Not necessarily. By design improvements can effectively improve the retention of the PCB. If the weld brackets, surface mount pin hole (Millipore), superimposed on a large pad three aspects can be improved retention. In fact, even the I / O FPC connector pin surface mount can be adopted. This can be liken to "take root." Such as design X-ray machines, ultrasound scanners, robots Ethernet switch.
Double-pole design ideas: Figuratively speaking, double-pole design can be described as "double-edged sword." Optimization terminals designed to meet the high-speed signal transmission, providing a higher orientation tolerance. Comparing the inductance, capacitance, impedance, etc., than the box-shaped double-pole terminal of the terminal application is configured to reduce the speed, and optimized to achieve the smallest intermittent. Double-pole design allows multiple Pai Pai mother in a circuit board with no plug or short question without a large number of signals on a single FPC connector. Double pole simple traces can save space, so that more small Pai Pai mother of detecting solder pins to be simplified. For example, put 12 on a board. While also reducing rework costs. The actual end-user applications such as telecommunications equipment.
No Au bent pin assembly process design: direct punching corners, stamping terminals can avoid hairline cracks caused by the bending process, to ensure a complete electromechanical connection. Pin coplanarity 100% control to tolerance ± 0.05mm, 100% of the surface-mount lead coplanarity testing to ensure reliability of the circuit board assembly process, to ensure a good weld, improve product quality and reduce costs. And increased right angle FPC connector securely, prevent Pai Pai mother who were damaged due to improper operation, use the "unbreakable" to describe very apt.
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