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Word inductance works

Within the wire through the inductor is AC current is generated around the wire inside the alternating magnetic flux, current ratio of this flux flux and production of the wire.
When the DC current through the inductor, which exhibits only around a fixed magnetic field lines do not change over time; however, when the AC current through the coil, which will appear around the change over time of the magnetic field lines. According to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction --- magnetic raw power to analyze changes in the magnetic field lines across the coil will produce EMF, the EMF equivalent of a "new power source." When forming a closed loop, the EMF would generate an induced current. That the total amount of the magnetic field lines by the Lenz's law the induced current generated by the magnetic lines of force to attempt to prevent the change. Plus the change in the magnetic field lines change from alternating power supply, so from an objective effect, the inductor AC circuit changes have prevented the current characteristics. Inductance coil and mechanical inertia have similar characteristics, called on electricity as "self-induced" usually pull the knife in the knife switch or momentary switch is turned on, a spark occurs, this phenomenon is the self-inductance high EMF caused.
In short, when the inductor coil is connected to the AC power source, the magnetic field lines within the coil with an alternating current which changes with time, so that the electromagnetic induction coil. This electromotive force due to changes in the current generated by the coil itself, known as "self-induced emf."
Thus, the inductance is only a parameter associated with a number of turns, size, shape and dielectric coil, which is independent of the applied current is a measure of the inductor inertia.
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