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Definition and structure composed of the word inductance

Word inductance structure and composition
Word inductance coil generally core or core, skeleton, winding group, shield, packaging materials and other components:
Word inductance coil skeleton is made of copper wire stent. Word inductance is one of the attributes of an electronic circuit or device, means: When the current changes, due to electromagnetic induction electromotive force generated some resistance to current changes larger fixed or adjustable inductor inductor (eg oscillating coil , choke coil, etc.), the commonly used word inductance inductance is considered a vertical axis version, convenient application similar to the axial inductors, but used the word inductance can have a larger volume of inductor types, current natural energy a certain application upgrade; most of the enameled wire (wire or yarn package) is directly wound around the bobbin, and then the copper core, or the heart, the iron core into the lumen of the skeleton, to increase its inductance. Skeleton is usually plastic, bakelite, ceramic according to the actual needs can be made into different shapes. Small inductor coil (for example the word inductance) generally do not use the skeleton, but directly to the wire wound around the core.
The definition of the word inductance
Word inductance is that we often see in one of the electronic components in the plug job; the word is generally on the core, according to the requirements of different parameters around the coil, and has lead to two pins, inductors thus prepared called word inductance.
Word inductance not only small, and easy to install plug-type inductor belong, small footprint; high Q factor; distributed capacitance is small; the higher self-resonant frequency; special guide pin structure, easy to produce closed-circuit phenomenon; PVC or UL heat shrink sleeve protection; can be used for automatic insertion machine; applied more widely.
We Huizhong-Technology Co., Ltd. word inductance written as: PK Cartridge inductor. Main specifications models; PK0406; PK0608; good PK1016 other electrical performance parameters;; PK0810; PK0912; PK1012 low resistance of the power damage to a minimum. Around H inductance usually use 2UEW enameled wire were different 1UEW 2UEW 3UEW film thickness, 1UEW than 2UEW thick, followed by the three also have Y, as 2UEWY (Ghani dragon). Enameled also have different temperature levels such as 2UEW 130 degree level 2UEWF 150 degree level 2UEWH 180 degree level. Word inductance Simply 2UEW130 degree level.
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