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LVDS LVDS screen line processing concise overview

LVDS technology for simple line driver and receiver physical layer devices as well as more complex interface communication chipset. Channel Link chipset TTL signal multiplexing and demultiplexing slow lines to provide high-speed low-power narrow-LVDS interface. These chipsets can be significant savings in cable and connector costs of the system, and can reduce the physical space occupied by the connector area required. LVDS solution for designers to solve high-speed I / O interface provides a new choice. LVDS provides milliwatts per gigabit solutions for current and future high-bandwidth data transmission applications.

More advanced bus LVDS (BLVDS) is developed on the basis of the above LVDS, Bus LVDS (BLVDS) is based on a new series LVDS bus interface circuit technology, specifically for multi-point cable or backplane applications. It differs from the standard LVDS, to provide enhanced drive current in order to handle multi-point applications required a double transmission. BLVDS with low-voltage differential signal of approximately 250mV and fast transition time. This allows products to achieve self 100Mbps to 1Gbps over a high data transfer rate. In addition, low-voltage swing can reduce power consumption and noise to a minimum. Differential data transmission configuration provides active bus common mode range of +/- 1V and hot-swap devices.

BLVDS There are two types of products can be configured to provide all bus interface devices optimized for. Both series are: line drivers and receivers, and serializer / deserializer chipset. Bus LVDS can solve many of the challenges faced by high-speed bus design. Lhagoi on BLVDS without special terminals. It requires no active terminal devices, the use of a common supply rail (3.3V or 5V), using a simple terminal configuration, so that the interface of the device to minimize power consumption, produce very little noise, and to support business card hot swap of 100Mbps rate multi-point bus driver reload. Bus LVDS products for designers to solve the problem of high-speed multi-point bus interface provides a new choice.

In the industrial sector in general or internal industries. Widely used in the motherboard and LCD screen display interface.
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